"Unfinished Songs" performed in 
Fendrick and Peck's showcase room
at FARM 2019, Grand Rapids, MI.
(video courtesy of
John Higgins)




2017 & 2020

2017 & 2020

Great American Song Contest  Outstanding Achievement in Songwriting (2019) and Finalist (2017 & 2020) 

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Born in Indiana, raised in Illinois, Americana singer songwriter Curt Joa now enjoys life with his family up in Wisconsin.  Like the man in his song Unfinished Songs, "he had always wanted to be a songwriter but it was a distant dream."  He had written a couple of things and had a few lines and ideas, but never really got too far.   

Then a few years ago, he got to play two of his songs for some people at an open mic.  The reaction he got fired him up and he has been putting more effort into his songwriting ever since.   

On his first CD, also called Unfinished Songs, Joa writes and sings about love gone right and wrong, about old memories and getting old, about traveling and loneliness and about songwriting.   

Now at work on a second one, he says, “I’m no spring chicken.  But I want to use whatever time I have left to keep writing songs.”


"Curt Joa is an incredibly gifted songwriter. He brings you along with him in his story songs and takes you on a beautiful musical journey. Listening to Curt's songs are akin to not being able to put down an amazing book you are reading. Now just add a wonderful melody."
  - John P Higgins    
     Booking Manager The Coffee House - Milwaukee WI    
     Turtle Pond Music House Concerts - Mequon WI  


"The amazing Curt Joa!  One great song after another." 
   - David Hakan, Gypsy Wagon Studio, Kansas City 


"You are a treasure." 
   -Diconn Lee, Blind Hills Music

"... a distinctively impressive voice."
   - Carla Starrett, Great American Song Contest

"Nice to meet you too."
  - Jimmy Webb, songwriter